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Postnatal Recovery

Karen Ellis, UK based Postnatal Rehabilitation Coach, Postnatal and Baby Wearing Exercise Specialist and Body Positive Speaker. 

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After leaving my career as a midwife I now support mums like you to nurture your body strong so you have the strength and energy to have amazeballs adventures with your children (and grandchildren) for the rest of your life.


I am on a mission to empower you, mum, to step away from the toned, slimmed down pre pregnancy body the world says we should be aiming for and instead let me help you nurture your body strong for YOU and for your CHILDREN so you can go out into the world and have a whole load of FUN, because thats what it is all about, right!?!

I strongly believe that we all need to do this work for our children too. After my daughter told me she hated her body at 6 and I learnt and practiced Body Positive parenting. I now know the work starts with us which has made me even more passionate to share this message. You really are doing this work for YOU and your CHILDREN. 


Postnatal Exercise

Former midwife turned Postnatal Rehabilitation Coach with extra Postnatal Fitness Qualifications and a passion to help mums, like you, see how flaming awesome your body is. I am here to support you to build your body strong so you can have some amazeballs adventures with your littles without worrying about your bodies ability to manage.

With experience and qualifications in Baby Wearing you can optionally carry your baby during alot of the exercise I do too. 


Body Positive Parenting 

Mum to a little girl who stood in front of the mirror in her pants at 6 years old and said 'I hate my body'. Also mum to a little girl who two years later wrote in her homework 'I love my tummy'. I am here to passionately share with you how I changed my parenting style to help my daughter go from hating her body to loving it.


After this experience I felt called to pass on my knowledge and experience to others. So that is exactly what I am doing. 

Mailing List

Hello! If you are reading this you must be a little tempted to join my mailing list.

That may have been because you want updates on the membership, baby wearing exercise, postnatal recovery, body positive parenting or you just enjoy my big voice that is calling bull to the world making you feel like your body should look different.

What ever the reason you are tempted, give it a go. You can unsubscribe anytime.



“Thank you for everything you did for me and my son. I will never forget you, your kindness and support. You went above and beyond for me”

A message from a lady I looked after when I was a midwife. 

'I love the ethos of the group - very supportive and all about appreciating what our bodies have been through and building it back strongly'


“This is the first exercise I'd done in nearly a year and I loved it! The class is suitable for all levels, you could do as much or as little as you wanted with Karen making it clear how to make the exercise easier or harder for you. Karen is full of wonderful advice, she is very approachable and friendly too!"

Steph Hodgson

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