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Ready to build a strong postnatal core with me? Don't miss this incredible opportunity to finally learn how to build your core and body strong after having your babies so that you can jump on a trampoline with your littles without worry, pick up your toddler without back pain and have a body you feel confident will support you whilst you go on some awesome adventures with your children.

Once you have had a baby, you are always postnatal. So this course is suitable for anyone no matter how postnatal you are.

Previous Price : £150

New affordable price - A ridonculous: £37

Saving you: £113



You know that it is super important to strengthen your core and body after having a baby so you don't have to put up with leakage, back pain and a weak tummy for the rest of your life - but where do you start? - And how do you do it safely? 

Don't worry - the Postnatal Strong Core Course is going to help you safely reconnect with, start to re-strengthen and learn how to use your postnatal core in day to day life and in exercise. Then you can go on to whatever exercise you wish with the confidence you are connecting with and looking after your core. Then you will feel the benefit of the exercise on your body rather that worrying about whether the exercise you are doing is OK for you.  

You are given all the guidance you need as you are taken step by step via bite sized videos that explain everything you need to know for your journey to a strong core and body post baby. 

This course used to be £150 but I regularly get messages from mums who just cant afford the help they need because of the cost of living crisis. I have decided to keep this low price of £37 permanently which was once an offer because I want to reach as many mums as possible with the info they need. 

I can't wait to help you build a core and body you feel confident and strong in for only £37....

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Here is what you are going to get access to with the Postnatal Strong Core Course......

1. Learn the very basics of the anatomy of your core

I am not talking back at school in a science lesson here. I am going to tell you about the very basic, need to know, anatomy to compliment the process. Knowing the why really helps you understand the how. 

2. Reconnect with your core 

Did you know there are two sets of muscles in your pelvic floor? And did you know there are muscles in your lower core that often switch off in pregnancy? We need to find and learn to switch on all of these muscles before we can go ahead to strengthen them and use them to support us. 

 3. Strengthen your core 

Once you can connect with your core correctly you can start to strengthen it. I help you do this with small movements so you carefully start building up your strength in this area. The movements are choreographed to some music to make it way more fun. 

4. Learn how to keep your core strong and safe during exercise

There is constant core connection cues during movements and an explanation of signs to look out for to access whether a movement / exercise is safe for your core. You will be able to use what you have learnt in any other exercise you do in the future to keep it safe for your postnatal body. 

5. Learn how to use your strong core during daily movements

It is great to learn to reconnect with and strength your core. But what use is it if you don't use it to support your body as you pick up your children and bend over to get the shopping bags? Learning this will really help you feel the benefit and will help you keep your strong core as you start to purposefully use it during your daily life. 


Hey, I am Karen Ellis, former Midwife turned Postnatal Rehabilitation Coach, Body Positive Parenting Coach and Baby Wearing exercise instructor. I have an online membership where new mums access a course similar to this and Baby Wearing exercise classes. There is definitely a space for a course that is designed for anyone postnatally that could be accessed in another way other than the membership. So here it is. 

I live on the East Coast just a few minutes away from the sea with my two littles (actually not so little now) and around the corner from my partner and his two. I love to be active with the children and it is super important to me that I keep my core and body strong so that I have the energy and strength to make sand cars with my youngest, boulder with my eldest and surf for my own pleasure.  

As a former midwife I believe all of the information you need to recover your core after having a baby should be part of your postnatal care - but it is not. So, here I am with all of the information you need for just £37 to keep forever. You get access to the course instantly, so you could get started right away.


What not to expect..

- A get fixed quick course. 

- To be fully healed at the end of this course.

- A six pack and a Pelvic floor of steel. 

But you can expect..

- To know how to nurture your body carefully back to strength with love and patience after you have had a baby. 

- To be given the tools you need to know how to move strongly for the rest of your life.

- To have a new understanding about what is going on in your body. 

- To have the transferable knowledge you need to be able to walk into another exercise and assess whether it is suitable for your postnatal body and core just now.

- To feel confident that you will know when an exercise becomes too much for you and when to stop so you feel safe as you exercise for the rest of your life. 


What is included? 

Three modules of step by step bitesized videos with all the information and action points you need to take you on your journey to a core and body you feel confident you can rely on during your daily movements and exercise. The step by step videos are all available to you right away for keeps so you can start working through them in your own time around your babies and children's needs without the pressure of doing it quickly.


Accessible on your phone, or any device you have access to the internet on, means you can log in and continue your journey during any spare bit of time. Be that whilst you are nap trapped with a baby or stood watching your littles play football. 

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Part 1 - Knowing about and connecting with your core.

- Understanding your core and how pressure affects it.

- The need to know anatomy and physiology of your Pelvic Floor. No complicated explanation or long muscle names here. Just enough to understand where and what you are connecting with. 

- How to use what you have learnt about your Pelvic Floor to be able to connect with all of it properly. There are usually lots of 'ah ha' moments here as mums realise they have only been connecting with part of their Pelvic Floor. 

- All you need to know to understand what a Diastasis Recti (separation in your abdominal muscles that happens in everyone during pregnancy) is, if yours has healed and how to correct one. 

- Practicing connecting with your Pelvic Floor muscles and lower abdominal muscles can be rather boring huh? So I have put it to music in this module to make it a little more interesting. 

making yor core strong  (1).png

Part 2 - Strengthening the core you have just learnt to connect with properly - effectively so you feel more results. 

- Learn how to recognise whether an exercise is appropriate for your core or whether it is too much just now. 

- Then in this section expect 5 strengthening tracks. These are not a full exercise regime but rather tracks for you to practice using the core you have just learn to connect with so that you can go on and do whatever exercise you wish with more understanding of how to do it with a strong core.


With each track expect;

- Me to talk you through when to breathe and connect with your core so you learn how the connection and your core works with movement. 

- The tracks to be to music to make them so much more fun to do. 

- The tracks to be 3 - 4 minutes long so you can fit them in easily to your daily life. 

- You can use the tracks over and over until you feel confident you can move in an exercise safely. 

Moving Your Postnatal Body Strong.png

Part 3 - Learn how to hold a strong posture and move strongly in daily life.  

In this section you will learn how to use the core you have just managed to connect with so well strongly in your daily life.


Daily movements and strengthening work hand in hand. As you get stronger you will be able to hold and move your body in stronger ways. As you move and hold your body in stronger ways you will become stronger. 

But your body has learnt to move in a suboptimal way. You need to teach your body a stronger way and get out of some bad postural and movement habits. 

In this section I will go through the following, how they put pressure on your core and how to counteract the pressure so you are actually using these movements to strengthen;

- Standing and sitting posture.

- Standing with and picking up your children. 

- Hoovering and sweeping.

- Coughing, laughing, sneezing. 

- Feeding positions.

You will then be able to transfer everything you have learnt in these videos to any movement you do daily. 

What they said about working with Karen......

'I think you already know how much you have helped me and genuinely changed my life. I have no fear that I'm going to have any little leaks when I sneeze (which I do a lot!), cough, or even bounce on a space hopper! I say a little thank you in my head to you every day as it really is every day you've made a difference to.


I'm so much more in touch with my body, I know how to connect with my core and I'm aware of when I need to protect it.'

emma 2 .jpeg

Emma Smith, Completed the Postnatal Strong Core Course and then joined with my 3x weekly classes for a year.

'I rechecked my Diastasis Recti separation this week and found that it has healed lots since I started and also feel generally just stronger when I am carrying my baby and going for walks.'

Hannah and Hattie.jpeg

Hannah and Hattie

Beige Minimalist Mock Up Design Facebook Cover.png
Previous Price : £150
New affordable price - A ridonculous: £37
Special Offer saving you: £113
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