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Body Positive Speaker, Body Positive Parenting Coach

Former midwife turned postnatal rehabilitation coach, inspirational body positive speaker and body positive parenting coach, is -


Inspiring mums to call bull to messages from society and the media, and give mums - body positive tools to:

- Help ensure they and their children are not afraid to be heard and seen. 

-Show children how to walk into the world with the confidence to live an awesome life, doing exactly what they were put on this earth to do in the body that they are in right now. 

- Help mums to make more memories now, instead of waiting for their bodies to be smaller, more toned and less lumpy and bumpy.

An Uplifting, Motivational Body Positive Speaker

Karen is an uplifting, motivational body-positive speaker for women and mums who want to feel awesome in the body they are in right now and parent their children, in a body-positive way, to grow resilience against the world's messages that their body is anything but awesome just the way it is and to become the strongest, most confident version of themselves. 

  • Delivering short body-positive and body-positive parenting speeches to women and mums from 20 minutes from £120 (+ travel)

  • Headline Body positive and body positive parenting talks from 1-3 hours from £800 (+ travel)

  • Workshops from £250 for up to 50 people (+ travel)

  • Based on the East Coast of England, offering to speak around the UK and sometimes beyond. 

  • Speech and workshops can concentrate on Body Positivity alone without body-positive parenting coaching. But never the parenting coaching without the body positivity. 


Body Positive Speaker, Body Positive Parenting Coach

How to book an inspirational Body Positive Speech

Introduce yourself to Karen via email, at, let her know your requirements and Karen will get back to you with pricing and avalibility. Karen looks forward to you dropping into her inbox. 

How you will feel after listening to Karen's uplifting body positive keynote speech

After listening to Karen speak, listeners will understand how the world dupes us all into believing that we need to change the way our bodies look. Listeners will see the lies that we are told from being children that our bodies should look a certain way. We will get mad about that. The anger will fuel the determination to help us all call bull-shit to those messages and to break free from the chains that come with constantly feel like your bodies need to change. 

Listeners will look at their bodies completely differently. Suddenly, how your body looks doesn't matter anymore. Instead you see how flaming awesome it is for the incredible things it does for us, the adventures it allows us to have and memories we make with it. Then you are filled with gratitude for a body that supports you as you pick up your children and give them a cuddle, allows you to push them on a swing at the park and make sandcastles at the beach. Because that is what it is all about isn't it? 

Suddenly, it will hit. Your children are being duped into believing the same bull-shit messages about themselves too. That, along with the heartbreaking story of how my own daughter told me she hated her body at 6, will leave you completely committed to making changes to feel more body positive and to parent more body positive so your children don't get caught in the same trap of wanting to change their bodies. I will help you see the path to body positive parenting that led to my own daughter's confidence and showing me how strong and incredible her body is. With those body positive parenting skills you will feel empowered that you can and excited that you are going to bring your children along with you in this journey.  

In conclusion listeners will leave with:

- Fire in their stomachs to make changes to their lives and parenting style. 


- Empowered with all the information and tools needed to make key changes towards body positive parenting. 


- Determination to go on this incredible journey so mums and their children can feel powerful in their bodies and step into the world to do exactly what they were put here to be in the amazeballs body that they are in right now. 

Body Positive Speaker, Body Positive Parenting Coach

"You were not born longing for the ideal body, you learnt to long for it. You can unlearn that. Imagine how free you will be then

Body Positive Speaker, Body Positive Parenting Coach

Karen's mission as an Inspirational Body Positive Speaker and Body Positive Parenting Coach.....


......... to build women up to see how incredible their body is just as it is now. Helping women step away from the feeling that they need to change how their body looks to feel happy. Empowering them to live an incredible life of success and happiness, making adventure and memories with confidence and love for the body they are in right now. 

.......... to give mums the tools they need to parent in a body positive way so their children grow into confident adolescents and young adults ready to take on the world, live their best life and are not afraid to be heard and seen. 

Karen's Body Positive plan revealed......


Your journey with Karen will look something like this...

You will have your eyes completely opened to where you get the messages from society that your body isn’t good enough. You think you might be able to see them. But they are sneaky messages in places you wouldn’t expect. Until your eyes are completely opened to them you can’t build resilience to them. Once you have done that, karen will work through 5 concepts to fully embracing your body.

1. Call Bull to the messages - When you see them you can call them for the bull that they are, brushing off the attempts that society is making to keep you small like dry sand on your trousers.

2. Focus on what your body does not how it looks - We put so much emphasis on how we look as if it is the most important thing. Karen teach's you how you can step away from giving two hoots about how your body looks and filling yourself with gratitude and being in owe of the things your body does. When you do this you start to feel the positivity for your body taking over.

3. Gratitude for your body - Your body allows you to put your arms around your loved ones and feel the love, your legs allow you to walk along the beach hand in hand with your partner and your stomach turns the food that you eat into energy so you can live and breathe. Really feeling the gratitude for this allows us to deeper feel amazement for our body.

4. You are more than just a body - We will connect with who you are. You are a mum, partner, friend. You are kind, considerate, a great listener, a nurse, a doctor and really awesome human being. You are all of these things right now regardless of how your body looks. How our body looks becomes way less significant when we see past that to the person we are inside.

5. Body Acceptance - It is OK to not love your body. Maybe loving your body is too much just now and feels impossible to get to. Accepting your body because it does an amazing job of supporting you whilst you adventure, even though you don’t really like the way it looks, is enough.

When you leave Karen's talk and implement the 5 concepts into your life with tasks that you are given, you will feel for yourself what this does to your self esteem, confidence and all round bad ass ness. Which will make you excited to do this for your children too.

Karen will take you through how you can apply these 5 concepts into your parenting so you will leave knowing how to parent in a body positive way. This will allow your children to become resilient to the worlds messages that their body is not enough. Then they like Karen's daughter will flaunt off to the world how strong and amazing it is for what it does.

"Mummy, my confidence is like 70% now. It used to be 30%

Yasmin, Karen's daughter who once hated her body

Body Positive Speaker 2.jpg

What Karen's Body Positive Speech will look like.....


Karen's inspirational body positive speech can be delivered to a large audience or would also work well with a smaller audience as a workshop.

It is split into two parts;

Part 1 - How to feel awesome in your body.

Part 2 - How to parent your children to feel awesome in their body.

Each part ideally takes an hour each, but more time would allow Karen to dive deeper.


Each part could run straight after the other or they could be split between two sittings. Part 1 can be delivered alone for an audience who wants to feel amazeballs in their body but doesn’t want to learn body positive parenting. But part 2 can not be delivered without part 1.

Karen can give an inspirational, thought provoking speech in much less time when needed, for example this speech at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough. (Click here to listen) But the more time, the more empowerment, tools, determination and passion the listeners will leave with and the more positive change in their life. 

Karen leans towards delivering her speech to mums because Karen is a mum and works with mums. But this same concept applies to every human on this planet. So, audiences that are not particularly all mothers can be discussed.

Introduce yourself to Karen via email, at , let her know your requirements and she will get back to you with pricing and availability.


Karen looks forward to you dropping into her inbox.

Body Positive Speaker, Body Positive Parenting Coach

My Story

From mum to Body Positive Parenting Coach for mums..........

My daughter, Yasmin, at 6 years old stood in her pants looking at her body in the full-length mirror in my bedroom and told me that she hated her body.


Initially, I was filled with guilt, thinking it was all my fault and set off to find out what I had done wrong in my parenting for her to feel this way.

After some research, I discovered I was not at fault. The messages that society had been giving both her and me all our lives were at fault. I found the body-positive movement, I listened to audiobooks, followed the movement on social media and supped it all in. I took everything I learnt and adapted the way I parented Yasmin to help her feel more confident in her body.

And it worked! I am happy to tell you that more recently Yasmin tells me how strong her body is and shows me all the amazing things it can do. She even wrote in a piece of homework that she loves her tummy. And a side effect of that is that I feel so much more confident and powerful in
my own body too.


It has been a journey though - I can tell you! One of tears, and guilt. But also of empowerment, power, strength, and anger.

I got angry. Angry that the world tells us, and our children as young as 6, that our bodies don’t look good enough. I see so clearly now, why Yasmin felt like that. I hear mums that I work with tell me how their bodies are too fat, too saggy, have too many stretch marks, are too loose and how they are not happy because their bodies are different now than before they were pregnant.


I see how the world has made these mums feel this way and a fire forms in my stomach. It feeds my determination and passion to want to stand up in the world and open your eyes to the bull these messages are feeding you and your children. My hope is that then, you can feel happy in your body. You can take what you have learnt and help your children see the bull too, so they can feel happy in their bodies. Then they can help their children and before we know it - we have all made a difference.


So, Let’s begin..........

Body Positive Speaker, Body Positive Parenting Coach

Book a speech, a workshop, enquire....

I would LOVE to hear from you. There is a place at your event, with your clients to hear my message. All you have to do now is drop me an email at we can work out the rest together. 

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