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WHOOP!! Your journey to feeling strong starts here with this class playback below.


It is also in your inbox (Check your junk if you can't find it) - So don't worry if you cant get to this just now. 

Do check out the safety info underneath the class playback before you get started to make sure this is good for you just now.


*Check out the safety info at the bottom of the pay before hitting play

If you loved that you will love the membership..........

  • Postnatal Rehabilitation Online Course The course is step by step bitesized videos that are easy to digest so you can fit them in whilst you are nap trapped or feeding your baby. This is where I will blow your mind and you will learn a heap load about your body and have lots of 'Ahhhhhhhh' moments. Im excited for you to learn. 

  • Three live baby wearing safe exercise classes per week *Term time. Developed and choreographed to music by a former midwife (thats me!) Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10AM via zoom. Hands down the best way to start your day with or without your baby in a carrier. Disclaimer - expect to smile and laugh a lot.

  • Unlimited access to class playbacks A whole library of past classes available to access at any time for the days your little one has other ideas or you have other plans.

  • Extra hand holding The opportunity to ask me questions live after classes, via the Facebook group or on email. I am here for you every step of the way. 

  • A community of like minded new mums I watch these mums hold each other up and support each other through the highs and lows of motherhood. It is really an incredible community to be part of. Accessible in the private Facebook group.

AND.... Its a ridonculous £22pm because I want it to be accessible to everyone. 


The important bits to keep you and your baby safe......

Make sure you have had the OK from a health care professional.......


Now a couple of things to note before you jump into the class because I am massively passionate about keeping your postnatal body safe. Firstly, you do need to be a minimum of 6 weeks postnatal after a vaginal birth or 10 - 12 weeks after a c section with the OK from a health care professional to exercise. If this is not you just yet keep a hold of this email to give the class a go when you are ready.

Keep your levels low......

Secondly, it is really important that after you have had a baby you don't just jump into exercise without firstly learning how to connect with your pelvic floor and lower stomach muscles. You possibly haven't done that work yet. I really want you to do that work because that is how you exercise safely after you have had a baby and build the foundations of your body strong first so your body stays strong forever.

So, with that in mind please treat this trial as a way to trial the class to see if you like my style of teaching and this way of exercise which is to up beat, feel good music that makes you feel just awesome. Whilst trailing the class do keep your levels low and your movements small to begin with. Then if you enjoy this class and decide to join the membership you will get a step by step video course that will teach you how to connect with your core, look after your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles and exercise safely alongside the classes.


- You are 6 weeks postnatal after a vaginal birth / 10-12 weeks after a c section.

- You have had the OK from a health care professional to exercise.

- You are going to keep your levels and movements small for this first class.

Keep your baby safe......

Next to think about is your baby..... ​ ​Your baby​ ​ If you choose to wear your baby during class (This is optional you can do the class with them next to you) it is really important that you insure you follow the T.I.C.K.S guidelines. Here they are if you are not familiar with them. (credit given to the UK Sling Consortium for the graphic below)


Right then, it seems like you are all set. Pop your baby in a carrier or next to you on their play mat and lets get to work building that body so you feel strong and confident. Then you can go about your motherhood confident that you can lift your baby as they get heavier and have some awesome active adventures feeling strong and energised. 

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