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Babywearing safe exercise classes

FREE, Pop Up........

Baby wearing* Postnatal Exercise Classes

With Karen Ellis, former midwife turned Postnatal Rehabilitation Coach


A chance to come and feel the community, meet Karen in person and try a (optionally baby wearing) postnatal exercise class in person. You are welcome whether you have been in my online community for a while or have never heard of me before. 

These are free and held around the country, just for fun. 

*These classes are optionally baby wearing. You can choose to have your baby next to you on the floor, in a car seat or pram. 

Scarborough - Class and social

Venue; Ayton Methodist Church, West Ayton, Scarborough

Date; Monday 31st July, 1:30PM

This class is fully booked! 


Venue; St Nicholas Church, The Rectory, Church St, Guisborough TS14 6BS

Date; Thursday 7th September, 10AM

How can I sign up? 

Please ensure you are 6 weeks postnatal after a vaginal birth or 10 - 12 weeks after a C section and have had the OK from a health care professional to exercise before you join in with these classes. 

All you need is you, a bottle of water, supportive footwear, your baby and a supportive safe sling/ carrier for your baby. You are very welcome to join in the class with your baby next to you, in a car seat or pram if you would rather. There is LOTS of space in the venue. 


Find the classes above that are currently available to book and if there is one you can make, sign up for all the info in an email. 

If there isn't one near you yet sign up to the mailing list via the button below so you hear about new pop up classes being added to the schedule. 

What should I expect from a class? 

Expect the class to be around 40 minutes long choreographed to upbeat feel good music. Laughter, smiles and singing along is encouraged in this class.


Classes will start with a track of music to initially warm up to with simple moves. We will then spend a track of music really connecting with our pelvic floor and lower abdominal muscles before we enter the main section of the class.  

During the rest of the class you will be encouraged to listen to your body and join in as much or as little of the movement as you feel comfortable with. I will offer you different levels thought the workout that you can choose from.


So whether you feel up to some gentle movement post sleepless night or you are good for an advanced workout dependant this class will cater for you. 

After class there is often the opportunity to stay and chat to other mums whilst I make you a cuppa. I am then on hand to offer baby wearing or Postnatal Rehabilitation support. There will be more info about these arrangements in the email I send you after you sign up to a class. 

If you have any more questions, if you are unsure whether this is good for you or if you just feel worried and want a chat first, you can drop me a message on my socials or on watts app on 07769357334. I am honestly so happy to chat with you. 


Who are these classes for?

Mums of babies up to 18 months+ (ish) old who............

  • Want to jump on a trampoline with their children without peeing

  • Want to carry their baby for as long as they need without back pain

  • Want a strong body and core to support them on their motherhood adventures for the rest of their lives

  • Are looking for a way to have 'Me Time' without having to leave their baby

  • Want a convenient, unique and fun way to move their body

  • Want to feel amazing in their postnatal body 

  • Want to learn about and understand their body so they can feel safe returning to exercise 

  • Want to learn to heal and prevent a Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Seperation)

  • Want to be around uplifting, inspiring, like minded new mums 

Have any questions?

  Drop me, Karen Ellis, a message...


Watts app/ text/ call: 07769357334

Or on my socials linked in the icons at the top of the page.


“I am loving the classes. They have given me so much confidence in my post baby body since starting.”

— Laura

“Absolutely recommend, The music is current, the moves are split into multiple levels for all abilities. You really do have so much fun with Karen”

— Elisa and Hugo

“I love these sessions, they are so fun and much more than the sling/ exercise class I thought I was signing us up for!”

— Claire and Zane

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“Thank you for being my Friday Endorphins - exercise is definitely my happy place”

— Fiona

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