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Fitting building and keeping a strong body easily around your fun with your family this summer.

It is Summer and you know it is going to be hard to keep fitness in your days when there is just so much fun to be had with your littles. You don't want all the hard work you have already done strengthening to go to pot OR you don't want to have to wait until the summer is up to start. Your solution is this Summer Unchallenge which is a super easy way to fit starting or carrying on building a strong body into your day as you have fun. 

Five (ish) minute videos delivered into your inbox for you to watch each day with ways in which you can fit building a strong body into your life.  So if you want to be able to jump on a trampoline with your littles without worry, pick up your toddler without back pain and have a body you feel confident will support you whilst you go on some awesome adventures with your children without having to find hours in your day to fit in workouts - This is for you.

Once you have had a baby, you are always postnatal. So this unchallenge is suitable for anyone no matter how postnatal you are.

A ridiculously affordable price: £15


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If I said to you as a postnatal fitness instructor - ‘Would you like to join me in a summer challenge?’


You would be like - ‘Pha I don’t need your summer challenge I have one already. It’s called the keeping my children alive, packing a billion picnics and setting up playdates challenge.’


I totally get this. Let’s not add another thing to the to do list this summer. We want to be getting into the world enjoying the sun and warm weather - not slogging away challenging our precious postnatal body as well.


It had me thinking about what I could do to support you to continue or start to think about your journey to a body you feel strong and confident in. I truly believe that a vast majority of the work can be done during our daily life without you having to put a whole load of time aside to work out.


The idea is that it isn't challenging, there is a 5 minute video each day that are ways to fit this journey to feel super strong and confident in your body around your life this summer. Ways to continue (or start) this journey in your day to day life meaning you feel like you are looking after your body and going in the right direction with your strength without having to put aside a load of time you don’t have this summer.

Its FREE with the membership or if you would like to join in with just this its a super affordable £15 

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I can't wait to help you build a core and body you feel confident and strong in for only £15....

What to expect from the Summer Unchallenge......

1. A five minute video a day 

The videos will be delivered into your inbox Monday to Friday with Saturday and Sunday to catch up on any you missed for five weeks. That is 25 five minute videos with each video containing a small life changing tip or habit change that will benefit you for the rest of your life. 

2. Five 3/4 minute workout tracks

Five of the videos will be a track of music which will have strengthening moves choreographed to them. Keep the video at hand so whenever you have a spare 4 minutes in between your summer fun you are ready to grab the moment. 

3. To learn creative ways to fit 'working out' into your life super easily 

I believe you do not need to dedicate full blocks of time to work out if you don't want to or if you don't have the time. I am going to share with you lots of super create ways in which you can fit 'working out 'into your day to day life dedicating very little time.

4. Learn ways that you can feed your body nutritious foods around your busy life 

We know what we 'should' be eating. The main issue is how on earth we fit that into our lives! Expect some of these videos to give you tips on how to do that. Super creative ways to make fitting eating nutricious food into our lives around our children that doesn't involve slaving behind a stove for hours. 

5. To have a new way of thinking about your body 

After I supported my daughter to feel awesome in her body after she told me she hated her body at 6 years old. I have learnt a new way to think when it comes to our bodies. Watch these videos with an open mind and ready to have it blown a little in a good way that will help you see your body differently and definitely feel good in it, just as it is - then you will have these tools to pass onto your children too. 

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Hey, I am Karen Ellis, former Midwife turned Postnatal Rehabilitation Coach, Body Positive Parenting Advocate and Baby Wearing exercise instructor.

I live on the East Coast just a few minutes away from the sea with my two littles (actually not so little now) and around the corner from my partner and his two. I love to be active with the children and it is super important to me that I keep my core and body strong so that I have the energy and strength to make sand cars with my youngest, boulder with my eldest and surf for my own pleasure.  

As a former midwife I believe all of the information you need to recover your core after having a baby should be part of your postnatal care - but it is not. So, here I am supporting new mums with that information so they can build their body strong safely. 


What not to expect..

- A full workout plan where you have to dedicate large amounts of time to workout.

- A quick fix solution. 

- A six pack and a Pelvic floor of steel in 5 weeks. 

But you can expect..

- To learn ways you can carefully nurture your body back to strength after having a baby that fit around your life.

- To be given the tools you need to know how to move strongly for the rest of your life.

- To have a new way of thinking when it come to being creative about how to fit being strong into your busy life. 

- To have a new way of thinking about how to fit nutritious wholesome foods into you busy life without having to slave over a stove. 

- To have a way to build a strong body carefully and safely after having a baby that will happen gradually but will last you a life time. 


What is included? 

A five (ish) minute video per day Monday to Friday for five weeks starting the 1st of August or the day after you sign up if that is after this date straight into your inbox. You keep access to these videos for a year so you can take longer going through them or revisit them. You will get the tools you need to bring building and keeping your body strong into your daily life without having to spend hours a week working out.


Accessible on your phone, or any device you have access to the internet on, means you can log in and watch your videos during any spare bit of time. Be that whilst you are nap trapped with a baby or stood watching your littles play football. 

What they said about working with Karen......

'I think you already know how much you have helped me and genuinely changed my life. I have no fear that I'm going to have any little leaks when I sneeze (which I do a lot!), cough, or even bounce on a space hopper! I say a little thank you in my head to you every day as it really is every day you've made a difference to.


I'm so much more in touch with my body, I know how to connect with my core and I'm aware of when I need to protect it.'

emma 2 .jpeg

Emma Smith

'I rechecked my Diastasis Recti separation this week and found that it has healed lots since I started and also feel generally just stronger when I am carrying my baby and going for walks.'

Hannah and Hattie.jpeg

Hannah and Hattie

Summer Unchallenge
A ridiculously affordable price: £15
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