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With Karen Ellis, a parent of a child who once hated her body.

These workshops are for mums who want to bring up children that feel powerful in their bodies and are resilient against the messages from the media and society that their bodies are anything but incredible just the way they are. So that they can grow into confident adolescents and young adults ready to take on the world, live their best life and are not afraid to be heard and seen. Can you imagine the life full of fun and success that would unlock for them if you could help them achieve that?


You will learn the parenting tools I implemented that meant my daughter went from looking at her body in a mirror and telling me she hated her body to flaunting what her body can do and telling me how strong she is.


And as an added bonus doing this work will help you feel more awesome in your body too. Then you can join your children showing up in the world with confidence and having fun without worrying about how your body looks. Imagine stripping down to your knickers as you and your children decide to take advantage of the unusual warmth on a beach walk and have an impromptu dip in the sea AND you don’t give a second though to how your body looks (an actual memory of mine and Yasmins) - those are the memories I want you to be free to make.


When and Where?

This is a series of three online workshops hosted on zoom lasting around an hour each.


You will also get two really awesome workbooks that you can use to help you digest the workshops.


The workshops will be recorded and available on replay for a month after the sessions so you can catch watch them on demand after the sessions if you can’t make it live or if you need to rewatch to digest some more.



The cost of the three workshops, printable workbooks and the tools to help you and your children feel powerful in your bodies so you can live your best life is


I do not have a date set for the next workshops. But they will be coming soon. So sign up to the wait list using the button below and I will let you know when the next set of workshops are.

workshop one visual_edited.jpg

Workshop One

In workshop One we will pick apart the messages that we and our children constantly get from society that make us and our children feel inadequate in our body.


We will get really mad that the world makes us feel anything but amazeballs in our body. We will look the messages that feed us negativity about our body in the face and call their bull!


We will use this workshop to take ownership of finding empowerment in our own bodies so WE feel powerful because like anything with our children, the work starts with us.


It is only when we have completely opened our eyes to these messages and their effects that we will be able to take them into our parenting.

Workshop Two

In workshop two we will take everything we learnt in the first workshop that helped you feel awesome in your body into our parenting. We will create some body positive parenting tools to help your children build resilience against the media messages and society pressures that our bodies should look different.   


These tools are going to help your children grow confidence in their body, confidence that will ooze into every part of their life so they can live an awesome life doing what makes them happy without getting stuck in the ‘my body isn’t good enough’ trap.


These are tools that I used to help Yasmin, my daughter, go from hating her body at 6 to now writing in her homework that she loves her tummy and shows me how strong and awesome her body is with movement.

workshop Two visual_edited.jpg
workshop Three visual_edited.jpg

Workshop Three

This is the end of our journey together but only the very beginning of your body positive parenting journey - which is very exciting!


Our final meeting is two weeks after the second workshop to give you some time to digest and implement all of the information you have been given. The session will be largely unstructured and be a time for us all to re group and reflect on the past weeks.


You will be encouraged to bring with you examples of when you have been able to use these parenting tools in your day to day life.


I will also encourage you to share with us times that you feel didn’t go so well into a non judgemental room. So together we can reflect and learn.


There will be the option of emailing me privately before the workshop with scenarios that I can then read out anonymously to the group so you do not have to talk or participate if you don’t feel that you can. I am very aware and respectful of the fact that some people do not like talking in public. If that is you, you are very welcome to listen in and learn without the pressure of participating if you like.


Who is your host?

That’s me!!!!!! Karen Ellis Former midwife turned Postnatal Rehabilitation Coach I went on this extra journey to find body positive parenting after my daughter told me she hated her body at 6 years old which also makes me a Body Positive Parenting Advocate too. Fancy titles huh? I made them up myself.


After initially feeling the guilt of Yasmin telling me she hated her body I found the body positive movement and I researched the heck out of it. I listened to the audio books, podcast, followed it on social media and took everything I learnt into my parenting. The results are that I now have an 8 year old that tells me her confidence has gone from 40% to 70% (her words not mine) and constantly shows me her body, how it moves and tells me how strong it is. In a piece of homework she even wrote ‘I love my tummy’.


This is so flaming amazing. Even just typing out the transformation brings me to tears. But it also made me angry! Angry that this work even needs doing. I am angry that the world gives us (sometimes obviously and sometimes subtly) messages that our bodies are not good enough in so many different places that we and our children as young as 6 believe it. Honestly, I am so raging at this that I knew my work here did not stop at helping myself and my daughter feel awesome in our bodies, it had to go further to help other mums and other children too.


That is why I am here now making these workshops.

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